Motors Paracell V8.9 y V10.9 with up to 15 Kw.

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Paracell works with the best components, from the brushless motor to electronics.



Batteries of last generation                 ” high performance” with autonomy more 90 minutes.

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Paracell V10.9 Serie Gold

We’re excited to announce new Electric Paramotor of Paracell Products Paracell V10.9  15Kw Serie Gold with batteries HL+60Ah, HL72+Ah and exclusive HL+84Ah. Chassi...

Motor Paracell V10.8 copia

New Paracell V10.8 15Kw avalaible


Paracell V10.7 Titanium Easy on your back

DSC_0067 copia

Motor Paracell V10.7 & ATOS Hand Glider

  The results could not be better, our Paracell V10.7 of 15Kw surprised by its power, ease of use and range thanks to its high efficiency.  

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